Qualitative Research Paradigms in Social Work


  • Bijoy Das Assam Down Town University, Guwahati, India
  • Tineshowri Devi Assam University, Silchar


qualitative research, social work, paradigms


In current domains, research provides a way to search for and discover new knowledge. In the field of social sciences, particularly social work, qualitative research is extremely valuable. On the nature of studies in social work research, various methodologies are being employed to gain in-depth information of the societal environment. It aids research into individual and community behaviour to address various social challenges. It acquaints social workers and trainees with a social reality that is much diversified and continually changing, with a fresh diversity of causality. Qualitative research gives social workers an inner sense through topics like ontology, ethnography, and positivist methodologies. As a result, the paper primarily focuses on the fundamental domain of qualitative research and its paradigm in social work, particularly the importance of ontology, ethnography, positivism, interpretive, and fieldwork.







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