About the Journal

Journal of Social Work Education & Practice or JSWEP is an international Peer Reviewed Social Work Journal published by the Social Workers in India Forum (The number one network of professional social workers in India).

Aim and Scope of the Journal

JSWEP aims to publish quality research articles from the social work fraternity around the world. The journal mainly focuses on publishing research articles in social work education and social work practice. 

The high-quality research articles published by the journal will be available to social work professionals free of charge. By creating such a platform, we believe that social workers will be able to acquire advanced knowledge in the various fields of social work, enabling them to provide better evidence-based service. We also hope that JSWEP will surely contribute to improving the standards of social work education around the world.

JSWEP is looking for original articles with a strong conceptual or empirical base that can significantly contribute to the social work knowledge base. In addition to that, articles must focus on the core areas of the journal as suggested below:

  1. Education and training in social work.
  2. Social work practice.
  3. The relationship between social work education and readiness for practice.
  4. Evidence-informed social work practice.


About Social Workers in India

Social Workers in India forum is an organization focusing on building a network among social work professionals in India. It is also aiming to nourish Social Work Professionals with information and skills which will help them in their professional advancement. The official Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/socialworkersinindia